Veevt Charter

Veevt Charter

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We're launching a charter outlining the principles guiding our actions in fulfilling Veevt's mission. This document outlines our mission, vision, and operational approach.

This document reflects the strategy we've refined over the past two years, incorporating valuable feedback from a wide range of individuals both inside and outside of Veevt. While the exact timeline for achieving artificial general intelligence (AGI) remains uncertain, our guiding principle throughout this development journey is to act in the best interests of humanity. 

Our mission is to create and use AI technologies that are safe, fair, and advantageous to everyone. We will strive to directly build safe and beneficial AGI, but we also believe that our mission can be fulfilled if our work paves the way for others to achieve this goal. To that end, we are committed to the following principles: 


Benefits reaching all of society

Veevt is dedicated to ensuring that any influence it gains over the deployment of artificial general intelligence (AGI) serves the greater good of humanity. This commitment extends to avoiding uses of AI or AGI that could cause harm or unfairly concentrate power.

Our ultimate responsibility lies with humanity's well-being. While significant resources may be necessary to accomplish our mission, we will always prioritize actions that minimize potential conflicts of interest among our staff and stakeholders, safeguarding the principle of widespread benefit.

Sustainable safety

Veevt prioritizes researching and promoting safe artificial general intelligence (AGI) throughout the AI community. We believe that rushing through late-stage AGI development could compromise safety, so we advocate for collaboration instead of competition.

If another project with similar values and safety focus seems likely to achieve AGI sooner (within the next 3 years), we'll pledge to join forces and support them. While specific agreements will vary, we're committed to prioritizing collective success and long-term safety over individual competition.


Steering the technical direction

Veevt recognizes that solely advocating for policy and safety measures won't be enough to effectively address the societal influence of artificial general intelligence (AGI). To make a real difference, we must stay at the forefront of AI development itself.

However, we acknowledge that AI will bring significant changes to society even before AGI becomes a reality. Therefore, we will actively pursue leadership roles in areas that directly align with our mission and expertise, aiming to make a positive impact as AI continues to evolve.

Commitment to partnership

Veevt believes in open collaboration and actively seeks to partner with other research and policy institutions worldwide. We aim to build a global community that works together to address the challenges and opportunities presented by artificial general intelligence (AGI).

We are committed to providing resources that benefit the public as we navigate the journey towards AGI. Currently, this includes making most of our AI research publicly available. However, we anticipate that safety and security concerns might limit our traditional publishing practices in the future, while increasing the importance of sharing research related to safety, policy, and ethical standards.